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Foot fungus isn’t fun. So get rid of it with ProClearz Bright now. It contains the only active ingredient clinically proven to cure and prevent fungal infections of the toes, including skin around, adjacent to, and under nails.

  • Immediately brightens and smooths nails with a clear polymer barrier
  • Penetrates for 24 hours- reduces nail thickness and discoloration
  • Peels away keratin debris to restore nail health and appearance
  • Clinically proven – Improves the appearance of fungal nails in 96% of suffers
  • Compatible with nail polish
  • Dries quickly, easy to use, brush on applicator


Storm tank
Storm tank
Does what it says on the tin !!
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Nail fungus on both big toes, I've been using the product for 4 weeks with visible success. The nail has now grown back 3mm healthily. It's a long process but after trying several remedies, the only thing that really helps is proclearz. I can definitely recommend the remedy.
Emil O.
Emil O.
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The proclearz helps me very well against toenail fungus. I've tried several other remedies for toenail fungus. But proclearz helped me best of all. My annoying problem of funagel fungus no longer exists. The remedy is a bit expensive, but the effect is also excellent.
Recommended by the doctor
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My dermatologist recommended the product to me because it is easier to use. I don't need to file and apply the varnish before going to bed. I can see a small improvement after a short time.
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