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How effective is antifungal treatment from the inside?

The nail fungus must always be treated because it does not heal on its own and is contagious. Local external treatment is sufficient to deal with mild to moderate infections. However, once the fungus spreads to the nail growth area (nail root), the dermatologist will prescribe nail fungus pills that fight the fungus from the inside.

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In addition to topical treatment, onychomycosis pills are part of the gold standard for onychomycosis treatment-but only if the fungal attack has progressed. This is the case when nail fungus also attacks the nail’s root (white crescent moon). Compared with antibiotics in the form of tablets that cure 90% of bacterial infections, antifungal tablets (antifungal agents) are less effective. The cure rate here is between 40% and 70%. 

Because onychomycosis pills have alternating effects and side effects, such drugs require a prescription and must be used under the strict supervision of a doctor. Therefore, you should not let it go too far from the beginning. Once the first signs of nail fungus appear, you should treat nail fungus in a targeted manner.

  • Actively fight nail fungus: If you have a nail fungus infection, you need to be patient. Even if you are taking pills-continue to treat infected nails with nail polish while taking them from the outside. Proclearz, the fungicidal (fungicide) active ingredient found in Proclearz nail polish, has proven itself. Combining the two therapies increases the chances of faster and healthy nail growth, and the tablets can be stopped earlier.

Which nail fungus pills can help?

Antifungal (antifungal) pills attack fungi from the inside by inhibiting their growth enzymes, thereby preventing the spread of fungi and spores. A broad-spectrum antifungal agent is an antifungal agent that is effective against one type of fungus and several types of fungi. The following broad-spectrum antifungal agents are used to combat dermatophytes, dermatophytes, and nail fungi pathogens:

  • Terbinafine -a broad-spectrum antifungal drug is the drug of choice against the pathogen of Trichophyton and also helps fight athlete’s foot.
  • Fluconazole -In addition to Trichophyton rubrum, it also fights yeasts.
  • Itraconazole -belongs to the newer azole active ingredient group, which can be used to fight against various fungal pathogens.

Nail fungal pathogens

In most cases (more than 80%), thread fungus (dermatophytes) is the culprit. The most common pathogen in nails is Trichophyton rubrum (T. rubrum), which feels exceptionally comfortable on thin slices of human skin. It also spreads under the nail plate, usually from the edge of the nail to the inside of the nail. The fungus can damage the entire nail-if you don’t insist on taking it.

Yeast fungus of the Candida albicans type is one of the rare pathogens that cause nail fungus.

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Best nail fungus medicine
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