FungiCure Spray : Does it really help against nail fungus?


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Nail fungus is a persistent infection of the toenails or fingernails, which can be fought with consistent, medicinal treatment.

This makes the question all the more intriguing:

“Is a remedy with all-natural ingredients powerful enough to cure nail fungus?”

The manufacturer of FungiCure promises treatment of the symptoms and the cause. The interaction of the active ingredients is said to have antifungal properties, and the first successes are said to be observed after only 2.5 weeks.

Advantages and disadvantages of FungiCure


  • Natural ingredients
  • Cooling, anti-inflammatory, and itch relieving
  • Easy to use due to spray bottle
  • No scientific evidence of efficacy


  • No scientific evidence of efficacy
  • High price
  • Twice daily application necessary
  • Cannot be bought in the pharmacy

What is FungiCure?

FungiCure spray is a preparation against foot and nail fungus, composed of purely natural ingredients to kill the fungus.

The spray can be used both on the hands and feet.

The nails can also be treated with it. Since it is a spray, the areas of the feet and hands affected by the fungus can be optimally reached by spraying.

A cooling effect relieves the itching of the athlete’s foot.

The composition reduces excessive sweat production.

In addition, the ingredients are said to have a fungicidal effect and thus treat the cause of the fungal infection.

FungiCure spray has purely natural ingredients.

The remedy can be used in combination with antifungal drugs.

Where can I buy FungiCure?

The product is not available in pharmacies.

However, you can buy it online directly from the manufacturer.

Ingredients of FungiCure

  • Oak bark extract
  • Angelica
  • True Sage
  • Tea tree oil

Several of these ingredients are also used as home remedies for nail fungus.

One bottle of FungiCure contains 50 ml of the solution to spray on the skin and nails.

How often is FungiCure used for nail fungus?

1. According to the manufacturer, FungiCure foot and nail spray is sprayed on the affected skin of the feet and toenails twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening.

However, the solution is also suitable for the treatment of other parts of the body.

2. before spraying, the feet and toes should be washed and thoroughly dried. The distance of the spray head from the treated area should be 10-15 cm.

3. then, the FungiCure solution must dry for one to two minutes before putting on stockings and socks.

4. after four weeks of treatment, the dosage can be reduced from twice daily to once daily.

If side effects occur, a physician must be contacted, and the application paused for the time being.

The application must be continued until the healthy nail has wholly regrown. This can take up to 12 months for toenails.

Side effects of the product FungiCure

The manufacturer is not aware of any side effects.

When using FungiCure, intolerance reactions may occur due to the ingredients.

Those who do not tolerate the composition of the spray and have an allergic reaction to it should stop using it and ask a doctor for advice.

FungiCure Spray : Does it really help against nail fungus?
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