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Apple cider vinegar, toothpaste, urine, tea tree oil, and baking soda

Nail fungus home remedies: Anyone looking for an inexpensive home remedy for nail fungus on the Internet will be happy to use these two search terms. The hit list of supposedly helpful, natural remedies is long. It ranges from apple cider vinegar to baking powder, self-urine therapy, Australian tea tree oil, and toothpaste.

Many of these home remedies for nail fungus (technical term onychomycosis) are cheap and readily available. But what most of those affected do not know: The well-intentioned mixtures and applications from Grandma’s gentle medicine cabinet help in the rarest of cases. A fundamental problem with all home remedies for nail fungus is that they cannot penetrate deep into the nail plate and therefore do not come into contact with the fungus.

An exclusive treatment with traditional home remedies is by no means recommended for nail fungus. Grandmother’s tips can make symptoms much worse. According to the professional association of American dermatologists, the nail fungus spreads to other nails without the proper treatment. In addition, you may experience discomfort while walking, and a bacterial infection may develop.

Home remedies for nail fungus rarely help.

Both the diagnosis and the treatment of nail fungus belong in the expert hands of a dermatologist. He prescribes the appropriate fungus remedy (antimycotic: anti = against and makes = fungus) from the Greek. Depending on how far the nail fungus has spread, a locally applicable, medical nail polish is the means of choice.

nail polishes with the active ingredient Proclearz, for example, in the nail polish Proclearz, have a substantial effect against nail fungus because they fight the fungal cells from the outside and inside at the same time.

Tedious nail filing and handling the nail polish remover are no longer necessary because the patented lacquer is water-soluble. If the growth zones of the nails are already affected, combination treatment with antifungal tablets is required.

Home remedies for nail fungus: pros and cons

There are currently no medical studies that prove the effectiveness of home remedies for nail fungus. Possible side effects have not yet been recorded either. But what speaks for or against home remedies? The pros and cons check:

Apple cider vinegar: simple home remedy for nail fungus?

Tea tree oil, sage oil and lavender oil: all-rounders also for nail fungus?

Baking Soda: Can Grandma’s Home Remedies Help Against Fungus?

Own urine: a suitable home remedy for nail fungus?

Toothpaste: does the pasta brush away nail fungus?

Conclusion None of the home remedies mentioned are as effective as medical nail polishes.

Those who rely on home remedies for nail fungus also run two risks: they lose time and delay effective treatment because nail fungus does not go away on its own. In addition, some of the agents listed can additionally irritate the affected area and even trigger allergies.

If you are on the safe side but want to try out home remedies for nail fungus, you should also treat your nails with a water-soluble nail polish such as Proclearz against nail fungus. Its strong effect against nail fungus has been clinically proven. The paint is brushed on in the evening before going to bed and can be washed off with water the following day. The active ingredient remains in the nail.

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Home Remedies for Nail Fungus
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