Homeopathy or Schuessler salts against nail fungus

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Are homeopathic medicines helpful in the treatment of nail fungus?

Are there also homeopathic preparations in the pharmacy with which you can treat nail fungus?

I will answer them for you with this article.

Nail mycosis is a disease of the toenails or fingernails with a fungal pathogen, from which many people suffer. The treatment is long and should be taken seriously.

Usually, medications with antifungal agents are prescribed to fight fungal infections.

Can homeopathy be used for nail fungus? Which globules help?

Globules are small scattering pellets that are popularly used in homeopathy.
Globules are small scattering pellets that are popularly used in homeopathy.

In this overview, you can see the globules that are used in the homeopathic treatment of nail fungus. The dosage is the same for the four preparations: 5 globules, 3x daily.

Acidum hydrofluoric D12

Acidum hydrofluoric, also called hydrofluoric acid, contains fluorine, vital for the human organism.

Hair, nails, blood, muscles, and our brain need the element fluorine for health.

Stibium sulfuratum nigrum D12 (Antimonium crudum)

The chemical compound of antimony and sulfur, also called black spit shine, supports the natural function of connective tissue.

Sepia D12

Sepia is extracted from the contents of the ink sac of the squid Sepia Officinalis. It helps maintain the natural function of the skin.

This also promotes the health of the nails.

Silicea D12

Silicea is considered the mineral salt of beauty and is said to strengthen connective tissue. Therefore, it is essential for the growth of skin, hair, and nails.

A treatment prescription of homeopathy is the use of single remedies; no remedies are combined. The homeopath chooses the appropriate remedy for the fungal infection individually according to the symptoms and the complaint of the affected person.

Then the course of therapy is observed, and, if necessary, remedies are changed. Thus, a regular visit to the homeopath is required. There are also homeopathically trained doctors who immediately order the therapy with chemical agents and an accompanying treatment with homeopathic medicines.

For self-medication, one should use low potencies (D6 – D12). Treatment of pregnant women and children should be done only in consultation with the attending gynecologist, midwife, or pediatrician.

Because there is no clear active principle of the remedies, homeopathy against nail fungus is suitable as a complementary therapy.

Which Schuessler salts help with nail fungus?

Schüßler salts are used to support the therapy of onychomycosis.
Schüßler salts are used to support the therapy of onychomycosis.

In contrast to homeopathy, Schuessler salts are all substances that also occur in the human body. However, they are prepared according to the homeopathic principle. The salts regulate and regenerate the cell membrane.

They can support the medical treatment of nail mycosis. Here, mainly a combination therapy is used (maximum three different salts).

For internal use, two tablets are taken three times a day. The following Schüßler salts are used in tablet form:

Schuessler salt No.1 – Calcium fluoratum D12.

Calcium fluorated provides protection and elasticity to the skin and connective tissue.

Calcium fluorite binds the keratin. Keratin is responsible for stable cells and a healthy nail and is supported by calcium fluoride.

Schuessler salt No. 3 – Ferrum phosphoricum D12

Iron ensures good oxygen uptake in the body and also supports the function of the immune system.

Schuessler salt no. 11 – Silicea D12

Silicea builds up and strengthens the skin, hair, nails, bones, and blood vessels.

Thus, it is called the mineral salt of beauty.

For external use, Schüßler salt No. 1 (Calcium fluorite) is recommended as an ointment. It is applied as an ointment dressing overnight.

Calcium fluorite is significant for skin, ligaments, muscles, tendons, blood vessels, and nails. It gives the tissues the elasticity and strength that is needed.

How do the individual Schüßler salts work?

  • Calcium fluorite binds keratin, which is responsible for stable cells and a healthy nail.
  • Ferrum phosphoricum strengthens the immune system and thus supports it in the fight against potential pathogens.
  • Silicea provides the body with silicic acid. This is an essential trace element for healthy skin, hair, and nails. Thus, it supports the production of collagen, which is very important for nail growth.

One should not combine Schüßler salts with other homeopathic remedies. Which remedy fits best in each case should be clarified with the doctor or therapist.

What is homeopathy?

The principle of homeopathy is “let similar things cure similar things.” More than 2000 different plant, mineral, and animal substances are used to treat diseases.

The law of similarity states that the substance used for the disease would cause the symptoms of the disease in a healthy person.

Its founder is Samuel Hahnemann. He was a physician, pharmacist, and chemist (1755 – 1843). In the past, potent poisons, such as mercury or arsenic, were often used. It was possible to relieve ailments but also took the risk of toxic effects.

Hahnemann then experimented and reduced the doses of the drugs so much that they only acted as a stimulating stimulus on the body.


Homeopathy or Schuessler salts against nail fungus
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