How to get rid of nail fungus?

If you have become infected with nail fungus, you will find valuable tips on how to get rid of nail fungus in your everyday life below. The pathogens that cause nail fungus can also affect the skin. We have some tips for you to avoid nail fungal infections.

  • If you have a fungal nail infection (on the toe), keep your used socks separately in a bag. Infected flakes of skin are not transferred to other items of clothing in your laundry basket.
  • When putting on your socks, put on your underpants first. Because this way, your clothes do not come into contact with the nail fungus on your toes.
  • Use separate towels for the body and feet/hands after showering. The towel for the body should not come into contact with the nail fungus.
  • Wash your laundry that has come into contact with the nail fungus at least 60 ° C. If this is not possible, please use a hygiene rinse at low temperatures.
  • Shoes are also contagious: disinfect your shoes with a fungicidal shoe spray. This will reduce the risk of re-infection or the spread of the fungal infection to other nails. 
  • It would help if you did not walk barefoot in public baths or showers. Just wear slippers or flip-flops in these places.
  • Dry your feet after bathing or showering, and don’t forget the spaces between your toes, because mushrooms love a moist environment.
  • By trimming your nails regularly and keeping them short, you reduce the risk of injury. Fungi can easily penetrate an injured nail.
  • Let your shoes dry for at least 24 hours after exercising. If you have a second pair of sports shoes, you should alternate between them. This leaves enough time for the “sweaty” couple to dry.
  • Use fungicidal sprays to disinfect your shoes regularly.
  • Do not wear synthetic fiber socks. Cotton socks are breathable and can be washed hot.
  • By wearing breathable shoes made of leather, for example, foot sweat and heat can escape. As a result, you create poor living conditions for the fungus.
  • Of course, a shoe has to look beautiful. When buying, however, make sure that the shoes are comfortable and do not pinch. Shoes that are too tight can lead to micro-injuries in the nail due to pressure, through which the pathogens could migrate.
  • You shouldn’t wear someone else’s shoes. Rental shoes such as ski boots, in particular, run the risk of becoming infected with the fungal spores of your predecessors.
  • Only use disposable files during your fungal nail infection and throw them in the trash after use. Make sure that filing does not spread any infectious nail chips in the bathroom. If the nail fungus badly thickens your nail plate, you can professionally remove the infected nail material by a podiatrist. You can find a podiatrist near you by searching for a podiatrist.
  • Don’t forget to disinfect your nail scissors after trimming your nails.
You can find out what you can do if you already suffer from nail fungus in our articles Nail fungus treatment.

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How to get rid of nail fungus?
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