One cup of this will destroy your nail fungus

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I have read or heard people say one cup of this will destroy your nail fungus on several occasions. I sincerely wish it was so. Nail fungus treatment is never a quick fix; it will generally take months to achieve a complete cure. Hence, a cup of even the most effective treatment option that will destroy your nail fungus is instead sales-driven.

Is there an insider tip against nail fungus? 

Which home remedies for nail fungus are possible?

This article takes a closer look at various medications and home remedies that are used for pesky yeast infections.

How can I treat nail fungus when I only have home remedies available?

1. Insider tip against nail fungus?

Of course, there is no such thing as “the” insider tip against nail fungus.

If you want to treat nail fungus, however, there are several treatment options available to you.

If the infected nail is thickened, the Clear 40 HA can be used for the first two weeks.

The cream with urea dissolves the infected part of the nail. This can then be removed with the spatula contained in the pack.

Then the active ingredient-containing nail polish ProClearz Fungal Shield

With this combination, you can treat both fingernail fungus and fungal infections of the toenails.

2. Is vinegar recommended against nail fungus?

Vinegar is the top home remedy for nail fungus treatment and is used by many people.

The acid in the vinegar essence is said to kill the fungus by disrupting its natural environment. Many sufferers also rely on apple cider vinegar.

When used, the vinegar is either applied as a 1: 1 mixture with water directly to the infected area with a cotton swab or used as a footbath (1: 4 mix with water).

There are opinions on the Internet that confirm the effectiveness of vinegar against nail fungus. However, so far, there are no studies that would prove this. In any case, the vinegar does not contain any fungicidal ingredients.

An alternative method to fight onychomycosis with vinegar is the Excilor solution against nail fungus.

Thanks to the TransActive Penetration Technology, the solution of acetic acid and ethyl lactate penetrates deep into the nail, creating an acidic environment that is unfriendly for fungal growth (pH <4).

3. Can garlic help against nail fungus?

Does garlic actually help against nail fungus
Does garlic help against nail fungus?

Garlic is inexpensive and is said to have many beneficial properties. Among other things, it has an antihypertensive effect.

The sulfur-containing active ingredients are also said to help against nail fungus, but the latter effect is controversial.

During the treatment, the garlic should be eaten raw or juice squeezed out of the toes. In addition, the affected nail should be rubbed with a toe.

4. Is Baking Soda Helpful in Treating Fungi?

Baking soda is a popular home remedy for nail fungus because it can be found in every kitchen. Different types of treatment are recommended on the internet to help.

Either sprinkle directly onto the affected nails after showering so that the fungus is dried out. Or mix with a bit of water to create a sticky mass applied to the pin.

No scientific evidence or studies are available for this method.

5. Can you treat nail fungus with your urine?

Treating nail fungus with your urine is not recommended because there is a risk that the affected area on the nail or the nail bed can become infected.

The urea in the urine is said to have a fungicidal effect, but the concentration is deficient.

6. Tea tree oil, sage oil, or lavender oil for onychomycosis?

Does Lavender Oil Help
Does Lavender Oil Help

The essential oils are said to inhibit fungal spore growth and thus help as nail fungus home remedies.

For this purpose, the respective tea tree oil, sage oil, or lavender oil is applied to the affected nail three to four times a day with a cotton swab.

However, the effect has not been scientifically proven.

It is also essential to know that if the concentrated essential oil gets on the skin, it can irritate!

Naturenics tea tree essential oil is said to be an insider tip against nail fungus. The classic home remedy tea tree oil is available from Fungus. One bottle of Naturenics nail oil contains 1 Fl Oz of 100% tea tree oil.

It should be applied to the affected area of the nail with a cotton swab twice a day, preferably in the morning and evening.

7. Does a combination of clove oil and castor oil help with nail fungus?

The fungus has developed another alternative treatment option for nail fungus:  FungiCure Intensive Antifungal Treatment Spray.

According to the manufacturer, the natural, plant-based ingredients clove and castor oil in combination with urea, rose water, and D-panthenol is intended to combat the fungus and accelerate wound healing.

The product is not a drug or medical device.

8. Is toothpaste the solution to defeating yeast infection?

Again a means that everyone has in their household. The fluorine in the toothpaste is said to have antifungal properties. The toothpaste should be applied selectively to the nails with cotton swabs.

As with most other home remedies and tips against nail fungus, no studies or clinical proof of an actual effect.

9. Can you treat nail fungus with turmeric?

Turmeric, also called yellow ginger, is a type of plant from South Asia. Is it a miracle cure for the yeast infection
Turmeric, also called yellow ginger, is a type of plant from South Asia. Is it a miracle cure for the yeast infection

The stick of the root of turmeric is used as a herbal remedy. Ingredients are the so-called curcuminoids, which also ensure the yellowish color of turmeric.

Turmeric is a ginger plant, and turmeric is also said to have health benefits. Curcumin is said to have anti-inflammatory effects and to be a good home remedy for nail fungus.

However, it has not been proven whether turmeric also helps as a home remedy against nail fungus. The following instructions for use can be found on the Internet: Mix the turmeric powder with oil and then apply it to the nail, preferably several times a day.

10. Can chlorine dioxide fight nail fungus?

Chlorine dioxide is a biocidal product and is mainly used to treat or disinfect drinking water. The solution is sold in a 0.3% concentration.

There is no evidence or clinical studies of any fungicidal effect that is sufficient against nail fungus.

This product should not be used lightly.

11. Mouthwash / Listerine against nail fungus

Listerine contains herbal ingredients, including menthol, eucalyptol, and thymol. These agents have an antimicrobial effect and are therefore listed in the tips against nail fungus.

Since mouthwash is also acidic, the acid should also attack the fungi. Either a foot bath with Listerine and water should be made, or the mouthwash should be applied directly to the nail fungus.

There are no scientific findings on this healing method.

12. How helpful is the lemon against nail fungus?

The area affected by nail fungus should be drizzled with lemon juice. The treatment should take place over several weeks, preferably in the morning and evening.

Does that help against the annoying yeast infection? Citric acid is supposed to bring the pH value of the body back into balance (similar to vinegar), and the acid of the lemon is believed to have an antiseptic effect.

The effectiveness of lemon as a home remedy has not been scientifically proven.

13. Black seed oil against nail fungus

Black cumin is said to have many positive attributes. It is said to strengthen the immune system, help with hay fever, asthma, and high blood pressure and even protect against cancer.

The essential oil contained is said to have a disinfecting and fungicidal (antifungal) effect.

In essential oils, care must always be taken to ensure that they are not applied to the skin undiluted. Otherwise, skin irritation can occur.

In addition to dabbing a diluted oil solution on the nail fungus, the black seed oil can also be taken to strengthen the immune system. For this purpose, one teaspoon of oil is taken once a day.

Conclusion on home remedies and insider tips against nail fungus

As you can see, many natural remedies are promised to be beneficial against mycosis of the nails.

There are also other options available for treating nail fungus.

However, none of the remedies mentioned, whether home remedies or medicinal products, can give any promise of a cure.

Nail fungus is a persistent infection that usually requires long treatment.

One cup of this will destroy your nail fungus
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